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Dr. Berg Sleep Aid Regular Formula 90 Capsules

Dr. Berg Sleep Aid Regular Formula 90 Capsules

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Support restful sleep and wake up refreshed with Dr. Berg Sleep Aid. This formula is made up of 15 powerful nutrients that help you fall asleep quickly and experience quality rest. Sleep Aid is a convenient way to promote healthy sleep cycles, fight off cravings, and reduce stress. Each bottle contains 90 potent easy-to-swallow capsules.


Dr. Berg Sleep Aid is designed to bring on the natural effects that create rejuvenating sleep. Supporting your adrenal glands to work healthily can lullaby your mind and body.

Promotes restful sleep. Designed to help regulate your sleep cycles so you can get deep, restorative sleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow. One capsule before bed can help prevent racing thoughts and tossing and turning.

Natural support of adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands make you stressed and prevent sleep. Our formulated extracts support your adrenal glands to work healthily. Flawless natural sleep can be a side effect of that. You can help your body switch energy off as you get closer to bedtime.

Helps you feel sharp, happy, and energized every morning. Have you ever thought of why some mornings you are perfectly energized and ready to take on the day? Healthy adrenal glands can give you more of those mornings. That’s because a healthy body uses your energy during the day instead of using it to keep you up at night.

Avoid dangerous sleeping pills. Prescription sleep medicines are being revealed as more and more dangerous. They can cause addiction, depression, sleepwalking, and other symptoms. This sleep aid is all-natural. You can encourage natural sleep without using artificial hormones that knock you out. That stops you from feeling groggy, too.

Typical sleeping pills like melatonin force your body to sleep. They overpower it with unnatural sleep signals that leave you groggy in the morning. Dr. Berg Sleep Aid is more of a massage that gently promotes healthy sleep.

Not a sleeping pill. You won’t feel knocked out, disoriented, and groggy in the morning. Instead, you could have more energy because of support to your adrenal glands. Better sleep cycles promote less energy at night and more energy in the morning.

No melatonin or valerian root. These products deceive your body and tell it it’s bedtime instead of dealing with the problem causing restless nights. They are just a “trick” to help you fall asleep. That’s why these usually make you so groggy and slow.

Herbs, vitamins, and nutrients lullaby you to sleep. This formula is unique because it supports sleep without synthetics, GMOs, or overtly powerful ingredients. It’s all-natural and designed to act like an inner massage that relaxes you. You’ll get carefully picked herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more in each capsule. The best-of-the-best to support rejuvenating sleep.

Contains adrenal extract. Unhealthy adrenal glands can explain poor sleep.
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