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Dr. Berg Advanced Immune Support 90 Capsules

Dr. Berg Advanced Immune Support 90 Capsules

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Multi-level immune system support with vitamin C, elderberry, vitamin D3, and zinc—four research-backed and potent immune-boosting nutrients for daily immune defense. Keep your immune system strong with the Dr. Berg all-in-one immune-supporting supplement!

POWERFUL IMMUNE SUPPORT: Dr. Berg Advanced Immune Support provides an easy way to support a healthy immune
system and strengthen your natural defenses to fight microbes in the environment at work, home, school, and when you are traveling.

FOUR KEY IMMUNE BOOSTERS: The four key immune boosters—vitamin C, elderberry, vitamin D, and zinc—work together synergistically to provide you with excellent immune support. Each of these nutrients supports several different critical areas of your immune system.

PROFESSIONALLY FORMULATED: This supplement has been professionally formulated for maximum absorption by the body. Each key nutrient is provided in a potent bioavailable form so that you receive a high level of immune support with just one to three servings per day.

MADE IN THE USA: Formulated and manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality control standards, you can trust that Dr. Berg Advanced Immune Support has the purity and safety you need in an immune-supporting supplement. No additives, GMOs, immunosuppressants, or preservatives.

Dr. Berg Advanced Immune Support contains four of the most proven and research-backed immune system supporters all in one: Vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3, and elderberry.

These nutrients work together in a proprietary blend to give your immune system the support it needs to fight the microbes inside and outside your body.

This supplement also does not have any GMOs, preservatives, additives, or immunosuppressing ingredients that could interfere with its beneficial effects.

The four potent, naturally derived immune supporters in this supplement will help fortify and support your immune system.

Backed by these helpers, you will be providing your immune system with important added help to do what it already does best. You will also be taking an important step to help keep yourself or your loved ones healthy and resilient.

Vitamin C (Camu Camu)

One of the most important vitamins to fight microbes is vitamin C. This is a strong antimicrobial nutrient that supports your immune system in many ways and decreases your susceptibility to getting rundown. Vitamin C provides many health benefits such as supporting the production of white blood cells and interferon which targets microbes.

One of the best ways to get vitamin C is through food, and this supplement provides you with it through camu camu, a superfood native to the Amazon rainforest with a high level of vitamin C and other nutrients. Get 70 mg of bioavailable vitamin C per serving in this supplement.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Some microbes have a strategy to downregulate the vitamin D receptor because they seem to “know” that vitamin D is essential for the immune system! It’s one of the main reasons why people get sick in the winter—because the lack of sun exposure results in a vitamin D deficiency. With this supplement, you’ll get the same type of vitamin D your skin produces when it’s exposed to sunlight, which can be important when you aren’t getting outside enough.

One study found that children who have vitamin D deficiencies are more likely to get respiratory infections than those who are exposed to sunlight more often. Get 50 mg (5,000 IU) of vitamin D3 per serving in this supplement to boost your immunity and overcome any deficiencies.

Zinc (Zinc Sulfate)

Zinc is provided in this supplement in the absorbable zinc sulfate form. It is an essential mineral for over 200 enzymes in the body. It also helps to balance your immune response to microbes to reduce the chance of out-of-control inflammation occurring.

Sometimes you may not get enough zinc from your diet, and even if you are, this supplement will ensure that your body has the zinc it needs when it’s stressed or when fighting an illness. You get 20 mg of zinc per serving in this supplement.

Black Elder Extract (Elderberry)

Elderberry is an immune supporter that was traditionally used by the Native Americans and Egyptians. It provides an excellent source of vitamin C and various antioxidants. Elderberries are a nutritious food that may enhance the immune response to microbes while also supporting heart health among other researched benefits.

This supplement provides you with naturally derived black elder extract from elderberry at 20 mg per serving.
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